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How to care for your Vintage Handbag

You've got a vintage handbag, here's how to care for it. It is important to keep your vintage bag in its best condition so you can wear it over and over again, with many outfits for many years. So we have put together a small guide with tips that you can use to keep your vintage items in the best condition possible, after all, it's better to buy less and make it last.


Keep your vintage item out of direct sunlight to avoid both discolorations as well as moisture which can lead to mold. By doing this you are also keeping your bag cool (which it loves!), cooler temperatures are ideal for preserving the materials your bag is made of, whether it be genuine leather or nylon.


Regular cleaning of your vintage accessories will help to maintain the materials as well as the colour. But, be sure to not use harmful chemical cleaners as these can cause more wear and damage (Bleach, etc) add this to your monthly cleaning routine to help preserve the condition of your bags.


All of our BOO DESIGNED vintage handbags and accessories come in their own dust bags to help protect them and keep them safe between wears. We know how tempting it can be to have your beautiful bags on display for all to see, but it's best to rotate them between their dustbags and display stands to ensure the materials and colours don't fade, as well as protect their arm strap from pulling on the bag and causing it to misshape.


It's important to not only protect the external part of your bag, but also its lining. Avoid storing any liquids in your bag, or alternatively, purchase a lining protector to ensure the lining is protected. This is often something people forget about, which can result in not only the lining of the bag is comprised but also the overall condition of the bag.


Stuffing your vintage handbag will help to maintain its shape and avoid crease lines from storage. We know how easy it is to throw away all the packaging when unboxing your vintage bag, but keep it! Either use the tissue paper provided with your purchase, or handbag shapers are available with online retailers.

So there you have it! Our 5 top tips for how to look after your vintage bag, but of course these ideas can also help you protect any of your BOO DESIGNED purchases, we want you to love and care for your accessories to help build a lasting wardrobe!


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