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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

We asked our in-house stylist for advice on how to create a look to take you from the office to the bar with minimal effort - and stunning accessories...

First - The foundation of your outfit should be something that you can wear throughout the day without changing, i.e trousers and top. For this example look, I have gone with black straight-leg trousers and a simple white racer cropped vest and a beautiful moc croc leather bag - which will be used in both our day and night outfits.

So we have the foundation of our look sorted, now we need to dress it up so we're ready for work. For the daytime outfit, I have added a classic white shirt to add a more formal tone to our overall look, chunky New Balance trainers to maintain a casual element, and an optional black baseball cap.

And finally, it's 5 pm, we're heading out to dinner and drinks, we better make sure we look the part!

Now we need to elevate our look and take it to the next level. One of the most important ways you can do that with any outfit is to ACCESSORISE. Swap out the causal baseball cap for some chic black cat-eye sunglasses (I know it's evening time but, trust me), this will create a more elevated appearance which we want from our evening look. Lose the formal shirt (optional) and add a statement necklace, because our accessories are going to be what helps define our night look, versus the day look.

And finally, swap out the casual trainers for some on-trend heels to help your look reach new heights (literally!). I had chosen some square toe, lace-up heels with a wedge platform as I often find these are far more comfortable to walk in compared to other heels and will elongate your legs to create a stunning look.

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